Bait and switch glory holes

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While the glory holes make men around the world happy, there’s more then just getting a blowjob from a cute chick, this one is a great prank glory holes picture gallery, we get straight guys turned on and convinced there’s a gorgeous chick on the other side of the hole, while in fact they get a hot blowjob from a gay guy, probably never knowing who blew them. Well, these straight guys will know after checking out these pictures of them having some fun.

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Muscular straight guy sticking his cock in wrong glory hole

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Glory holes are a great way to get head when you don’t feel like going through the get to know phase and all that bull, but there’s something to be said about the regular blowjobs. Like this tall muscular straight guy is about to find out, on the other end of this glory hole is not a babe, but a gay dude that just can’t get enough of the straight guys cock, he’s been sucking all night long and loving every moment of it.

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Glory holes gone wrong

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I sure hope the guys that ended up in these videos don’t see these pictures, like, ever, because they’ve been caught on the camera getting head from a guy that doesn’t mind sucking on a dick. These straight guys all thought that on the other ends of the glory holes are sexy and dick craving chicks, while in fact it’s a gay guy just itching to get a nice helping of male sperm!

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Tricky glory holes are everywhere

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This is something we’ve been collecting lately, it seems that straight guys just can’t tell if they are getting head from a chick or a dude, and there’s ton of galleries where the bored chicks team up with a gay guy just to score him some cock to suck on. These glory holes pictures are a warning for all the dudes out there – better make sure that it’s the babe that’s giving you head before you blow!

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Downside of glory holes

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While there’s a lot of fun to be had with glory holes, here’s a picture gallery that’s a warning for all of the straight guys paying them a visit, take care, because on the other end might not be only the cute chick you saw through the hole, there are holes with guys on the other end just waiting for a chance to get their mouth wrapped around a cock, like the guy in this picture that gave a steaming hot blowjob to the dude in red shirt.

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