Gay gloryholes for straight guys

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There’s never telling what’s on the other end of the glory holes, you can only hope that the chick on the other end is actually a chick. Here’s a guy so itching for sex he didn’t notice the chick leaving and a gay guy continuing from where she stopped, the guy gladly wrapped his lips around a cock and sucked for all his worth, getting the straight guy to heaven in no time!

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Unsuspecting straight guys getting tricked in glory holes

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All guys love glory holes, both straight and gay. Straight guys love them because they love getting blowjobs, and the gay ones love them because it’s rarely a problem to make a deal with a chick on one of the glory holes to get the guy all worked up and then just switching places so the gay dude can get his share of the cock sucking for the evening!

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Glory hole cum loads gone wrong!

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When you blow your cum missile through the glory hole there’s no telling where it will end, most of the straight guys think there’s a super hot babe on the other end licking it all up, but there’s a trick glory hole here and there, and the trick is in the gay guy that switched the place with a devious chick as soon as the cock was through the wall. These gay guys just love glory holes that offer them ton of cock for free!

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Straight guys in glory holes experiment

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Here’s a nice little experiment we’ve had with one of the glory holes we found, the goal of the research is to see if the guys could tell if they are getting head from a chick or from a guy. Seems like most can’t, because most of them just kept on fucking the hole in the wall with a gay dude on the other end, without noticing the chick moved aside and kept snickering through the whole gay blowjob thing.

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Rapper dude getting his cock sucked through glory hole

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Glory holes are great for anonymous blowjobs, but that can have some downsides from time to time, check out this straight guy, he got tricked by a pretty face and a giggle of a cute girl on the other side of the glory hole and whipped out his cock to let her have a big helping of it, but it’s not the chick that got to taste his dick, a guy right next to her hopped right down to business and gave the rapper dude a blowjob of his life without letting him know he’s getting head from a guy.

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